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How to Transfer Chase Points to the Sapphire Reserve Card

Chase has a number of credit cards that earn points in the Ultimate Rewards program, and depending on how you redeem them, they could have a different value. I’ll show you how to transfer your points to the card that gives them the highest value–Chase Sapphire Reserve.

The Chase credit cards that earn UR points are: Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, Sapphire, Sapphire Preferred, Sapphire Reserve, and business cards such as Ink Cash, Ink Unlimited, Ink Preferred. While each card shares the “Ultimate Rewards” name, there are differences in how you can redeem your points among those cards. The good news is that you can earn points in each card’s generous bonus categories, then combine them all onto the card with the highest redemption value.

Chase “Cash Back” Credit Cards

Chase markets its Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, Sapphire (discontinued) and Ink Cash credit cards as “Cash Back” cards. They actually earn Ultimate Rewards points that can be redeemed for more than just cash. The first 4 redemption methods listed below result in a value of no greater than 1 cent per point. Method 5 is where you can achieve even more value for your hard-earned points.

  1. Redeem for cash at 1 cent per UR point
  2. Redeem for gift cards at 1 cent per UR point
  3. Redeem on at only 0.8 cents per UR point – TERRIBLE value
  4. Redeem for travel booked on Chase website at 1 cent per UR point
  5. Combine Points onto a Different Card

If you or a member of your household also have a Sapphire Preferred, Sapphire Reserve, Ink Business Preferred, or Ink Plus (discontinued), you can transfer your points to that card for more valuable redemption options.

Chase Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Having a premium Chase credit card that earns Ultimate Rewards gives you enhanced options for your points:

  1. Redeem for travel booked on Chase website at 1.25 cents per UR point (1.5 cents per UR point for Sapphire Reserve!)
  2. Transfer to Frequent Flyer or Hotel Loyalty programs of Chase travel partners

Your UR points are worth 25% more with these cards (50% more with Sapphire Reserve) when you redeem them for travel purchases on the Chase Ultimate Rewards website. UR points can be worth even more if you transfer them to travel partners. YMMV.

Transfer Points to Sapphire Reserve

I have 4 Chase cards that each have their own bucket of UR points. I periodically transfer them all onto my Sapphire Reserve where they can be most valuable. Here’s how:

First, log in to your Chase account. If you have multiple accounts, log in to the one that has UR points you want to transfer FROM. Click the banner that shows your points to go to the Ultimate Rewards website.

You can see below that the 1,459 points from my Freedom card are worth 1 cent per point or $14.59. Once I transfer those points to my Sapphire Reserve, they’ll be worth $21.89 (50% higher), when redeemed for travel.

On the Ultimate Rewards site, click on your points at the top of the screen and you’ll see a menu appear.

Choose the “Combine Points” option. You can then follow the instructions to move some or all of your points onto your premium Chase card, or that of a member of your household.

I currently have over 356,000 Ultimate Rewards Points. As you can see in the image below, they are worth much more when redeemed for travel on my Sapphire Reserve card, than they would be for cash back or gift cards.

In addition, UR points that are now on my Sapphire Reserve card can also be transferred to travel partners, where they can often be worth even more. By simply combining all my points onto the correct card, I’ve increased their final value significantly.

If you run into any problems combining your points, send me an email or leave a note in the comments.

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