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Disposing of my Metal Platinum Amex After Canceling

Last week, I finally decided to cancel my Amex Platinum card. I had been a long-time card member, but at this point, the annual fee outweighs the benefits I’m currently enjoying. I’ll write about my reasons in a future post.

When the American Express phone agent read through his disclaimer as I canceled, I was told I needed to destroy and dispose of my physical cards. I told the agent that I had the new, fairly hefty, metal version of the card. “Do you have any suggestions for destroying my cards?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you what,” the agent replied, “I’ll send envelopes that you can use to mail them back to us.”

This seemed easy enough. I’m familiar with the pre-printed, postage-paid, heavy card stock envelopes that Chase supplies when you need to dispose of the Sapphire Preferred–which is also made from metal. I expected roughly the same thing from American Express.

Here’s what I received:

Amex sent me 2 standard window envelopes. No pre-paid postage, no return address provided, no instructions, just the envelopes. Seriously, Amex?

I’m guessing these are the same envelopes that would come with a paper credit card statement and would be used when you pay your bill by check in the mail. I wouldn’t know as I haven’t paid a credit card bill with a check in the mail in years.

Sorry, Amex, I don’t think these will do the trick.

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