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  • HSG

    Great review! You can get this card twice – one in Visa and one in MasterCard – so you can get double the bonus, $60/quarter or $240/year. If you open your savings/checking account and keep your $300 minimum, spend the >$600 you have to spend on both cards for the year to get your quarterly bonuses, you are getting 13% interest on your savings account ($40 extra per year) and at most 22% back of what you spend on the two cards. Of course, to keep your returns high for this card, you’ll want to spend the smallest amount possible while still being able to pay more than than the minimum payment. This is really a card that rewards you the most for the least amount of spend. 🙂

    For me, i keep these two same cards in my car and use them to pay for fuel fillups. Just happens that a full tank costs just over $25.

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