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    Amex Blue Cash Everyday or Preferred. Which is Right For You?

    UPDATE: The Annual Fee for the Blue Cash Preferred Card is increasing to $95 on 8/3/16. See my updated post here. There are those who would never apply for a cash back credit card that charges an annual fee. Does it make sense to pay a fee to get your own cash back? The answer lies in your own spending habits and as you’ll see, those fees could be well worth paying. Lets compare the two popular cash back credit cards offered by American Express–one that charges an annual fee and one that doesn’t–Blue Cash Everyday and Blue Cash Preferred.  I’ll walk you through the extra benefits and do all the necessary math…

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    Best Credit Cards for Balance Transfers

    Did you run up large credit card balances during the holidays this year? If you won’t have enough cash to pay them off in full, those interest charges are going to start adding up quickly. One way to save money is by transferring your balances to a credit card that has a lower interest rate (APR). Chase Freedom, Citi Double Cash, and American Express Blue Cash Everyday are popular credit cards that offer an introductory 0% APR for 15 months on balance transfers. Unfortunately, they all charge a 3% transfer fee. If you’re looking to consolidate $2,500 to one of these cards, the fee will cost you $75. Chase Slate is a…

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    Credit Card Annual Fees: Are They Worth It?

    There are those who would never apply for a credit card that charges an annual fee. Why pay when there are so many other cards that don’t charge one?  A valid question, and the answer depends on your spending and lifestyle habits. As you’ll see below, in some cases, those fees could be well worth paying. Annual fees can top out at over $400 for some premium credit cards, but they can include access to airport lounges such as American Airlines, Delta, or United.  These private lounges offer travelers free food, snacks, complimentary beverage service, comfortable seating, free WiFi, clean facilities, and other luxurious perks not available to the general public. If you fly frequently…