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How to get 1300 AAdvantage Miles for $1

UPDATE: This offer appears to be dead. As of now, the $1 for 12 weeks offer from WSJ is still alive, however the shopping portals have pulled the Wall Street Journal from their sites.

From now through February 19, 2016, the Wall Street Journal is running a President’s Day sale. You can sign up for a 12-week print or online subscription for only $1. That’s a great deal by itself, but when you make your online purchase through a shopping portal, it gets even sweeter!

The WSJ offer has some fine print…

Introductory pricing is only available to households or customers at a business address who have not been subscribers to The Wall Street Journal within the last 180 days.

My subscription lapsed over a year ago, so I was eligible. Before placing my order, I headed over to Cashback Monitor to evaluate my shopping portal options.


The cashback portals that offer a % are of no interest since I’m only spending $1, however, Ebates and Fat Wallet pay a fixed $10 for new subscriptions, and I have referral links to both in the sidebar. Either of those are a great option if you don’t care for airline miles, but if you do, the returns are more generous.


You can see that United offers a higher amount of miles if you hold one of their credit cards, but American had the highest offer. I value 1300 AAdvantage miles much higher than $10 cashback, so I subscribed through the AAdvantage Eshopping portal.


Barron’s Magazine is also offering a similar $1 offer for a 12 week subscription, so you can double-dip and get 2600 AAdvantage miles for $2. After you apply, make sure you set a reminder to yourself to cancel your subscriptions before the 12 weeks are up, or your credit card will be charged the full regular price for the next 3 months.

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