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Amex Offer – Extra MR Points for Paying Cell Phone Bill

A new Amex Offer for paying cell phone bills appeared on my account today. I have it on both my American Express Platinum Card and Everyday Card.

The Offer: Get 300 additional Membership Rewards points by using your enrolled Card to spend $100+ to pay your cell phone bill online directly with a US-based wireless telephone provider by 10/22/2019. Limit 900 Membership Rewards points.

You can take advantage of this offer 3x until the expiration.

According to DoC, some card members are receiving offers for 500 additional MR points.

I don’t intend to use this offer. 300 additional MR points on $100 amounts to 4x MR on Platinum or 4.25x on my Everyday card. I can get 5x Ultimate Rewards points all the time using my Chase Ink Cash.

Instead, I pay my cell phone bill monthly using my Chase Ink Preferred. I only earn 3x Ultimate Rewards points, but I also get cell phone insurance, which I’ve used once.

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