Don’t Lose Your CDC Vaccination Card

Yesterday, I received my second Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination. This is will allow me to be comfortable doing more things and going more places than I have since the start of the pandemic.

After I got my second shot, I started to realize just how important the CDC Vaccination Card can be. It can be somewhat of a passport for travel, entertainment and dining.

Travel: In the past few days, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines announced a return to sailing for vaccinated passengers. In addition, Iceland has opened its borders to vaccinated travelers. For both, you can use your CDC Card as proof of vaccination.

Entertainment: Just yesterday, Madison Square Garden in New York City announced that beginning April 1, guests can show proof of vaccination to be eligible to attend New York Knicks and New York Rangers games. The CDC card will work for this

Dining: Krispy Kreme (I never said “fine” dining) is offering a free original glazed doughnut each day for the rest of the year to anyone who shows their COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card.

These are announcements over just the last few days. I look forward to many more. For this reason, it’s important to keep your CDC card safe, accessible and intact.

Keep it in a Wallet

The Official CDC Vaccination card is an odd size. At 3″ x 4″ it’s almost twice the size of a standard business card. It won’t fit in my wallet without folding it. I’ve taken a photo of it to keep on my mobile phone, but some venues might require the physical card.

Don’t Laminate Your Card

Another thought I had was to laminate my CDC card to keep it safe. I was reminded that in the future, booster shots might be required to remain fully vaccinated. Laminating the card would make it impossible to update with additional information.

This is the route I’m taking:

I chose the 5-pack to share extras with friends and family. There’s a 2-pack available, but it’s not much cheaper. It should keep the card protected from the elements and any pocket lint that might go into attack mode.

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