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Cancel Chase Travel Online

For those who need to cancel travel booked via the Chase UR Travel portal, hold times at their call center has been very long. Multiple hours long.

Chase has an online form that you can submit to cancel your travel reservation. It isn’t immediate, they prioritize by date of travel. If your travel is within the next 7 days, Chase is still advising you to stick with the Customer Support phone line.

Log in to your Chase account and click the following link to submit your information:

From the Chase website:

  • This form is ONLY intended for customers with travel arrangements within 8 to 14 days from today. If your travel is within next 7 days, contact our Customer Support Team.
  • By submitting a cancellation request, you authorise Chase Travel to cancel your reservation(s).
  • Submitting a cancellation request does not guarantee a full refund. Cancellation policies differ depending upon the airline and if you wish to cancel, not all airlines allow for full refunds at this time.
  • If your airline does not offer a full refund, our customer support team will contact you to advise you of your options prior to cancelling your booking.
  • We will aim to confirm to you the amount of your refund within 7 business days.
  • Please be sure that you do not wish to travel before submitting. Once your cancellation request is received, you will not be able to cancel this request and Chase Travel will initiate the cancellation on your behalf.

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  • Tara

    Thank You! Thank You! You are a life saver for thousands of us who have to call Chase to cancel our flights and spent hours/days on hold listen to music and useless announcements!

  • Sam

    Did anyone receive a confirmation email when they filled out the Travel Refunds form? I didn’t get one, but it said that my refund request was sent.

  • Kim

    Chase told me I have to use the voucher through them ? My flight was American why can’t it just book through American with the voucher


    The online form didn’t seem to accept my application for a refund for a Parisian Hotel. The form kept kicking me out and asking for an airline confirmation. What should I do? I called the hotel they said they will eventually refund me but I needed to go through my travel agent, chase travel. It has been impossible to get through. I have been on hold for hours and then disconnect

  • Michael Dixon

    I need to cancel return flights on 25 March 2020 for Itinerary # XXXXXXXXXXXXXX which involves 2 airlines, Your form will not accept any combination of information I give regarding either airline record locator, dates of travel and booking dates. No was is able to help. I would happily send you of copies of what I have entered and what the response has been but do not have an email address to send to.

    • Yak

      @Michael, I removed the itinerary number from your comment so it isn’t public. Keep in mind, I have no affiliation with Chase or Chase Travel. If you can’t cancel via Chase’s form, you’ll need to call. Good Luck!

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