Amex Everyday Test

Amex Everday and Everyday Preferred Comparison

This calculator compares the rewards received from the American Express Everyday card and the American Express Everyday Preferred card based on your own personal spending habits.

Enter your annual spending on groceries, gasoline, and everything else. Then enter what you feel each Membership Rewards point is worth to you (in cents per point). Check the box if you want to use the cards' reward earning multiplier (1.2 for Everyday, 1.5 for the Preferred). Press the 'Calculate' button after entering or changing your information.

The results in the chart represent the rewards earned with each card valued in dollars (based on your own value of 1 MR input). The "Difference" column will show you how much more (or less if negative) value you get by using the Everyday Preferred card.

Reward Comparison in $
Everyday Preferred Difference
Gas Stations
Everything Else
Annual Fee 0 -95 -95
Percent Return


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